otto wizard

Experimental Philosophy
Folk Moral Relativism (starring Amanda Palmer) (2013) 3d
Happiness (starring Laurie Santos) (2012)
Intentional Action (starring Eugene Mirman) (2008)

Why Cecco Beppe Does Not Die (2009)
Valentine for Russian Perfect Strangers (2007)
Valentine for Perfect Strangers (2006)

Mercury (2011)
Artist Statement (2010)

Seven video responses to Constant Dullaart's "YouTube as a Subject" (2008)

The Best Gifts (2006)

"Kindred Spirits" is the Working Title (2010)

Beautiful, Clear Skin
Thank You Doctor Zizmor (TV Ad) (2009)
New York Underground Film Festival Trailer starring Dr. Zizmor (2008)

Dr. Zizmor Ad-Art GIFs (2008)

Surprise (with James Fotopoulos) (2009)
Sisters and Brothers (with Nao Bustamante) (2006)

The Pony Collection
One Trick Pony (2002)
3D Trick Pony (2002) 3d
Trick or Treat Pony (2002)
Pony Changes Everything (2003)
Every Pony Plays the Fool (2003)
The Last Pony (2003)

The Geeks: Wet Wen Wet 20th Anniversary Special (2007)
Wavelength 3D (2002) 3d

Simpler Times (2002–ongoing)
Installation for Domestic Cats (2001)  
The Homework Diaries (2000)
Titanic (Super-8) (1998)
Pie Eating 101: 101 Years of Pie (1998)